Case Study: Leaveraging Programmatic Channels to Deliver High Quality Leads


Case Study: Leaveraging Programmatic Channels to Deliver High Quality Leads

Leaveraging Programmatic Channels to Deliver High Quality Unique Users at Highly Optimized Cost.

About Brands

Decathlon, a network of innovative retail chain and brands providing enjoyment for all sports people. At Decathlon the common Purpose is: "to make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all". In every country where they are present, they share a strong and unique company culture, reinforced by our two values: Vitality and Responsibility. Decathlon places innovation at the heart of their activities: from research to retail, including design, production and logistics. Their twenty Passion Brand teams channel all their energy in to developing technical, good-looking and simple products, always at the lowest possible prices. These products are aimed at all sports enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, and are sold exclusively at Decathlon. 

Problem Statement

Traffic on the Mobile Website of Decathlon Indonesia had been quite stagnant for months. Infact most of the traffic was having a time spent of less than 60 seconds contributing to a high bounce rate & lower time spent on an average. Decathlon Indonesia needed a solution to grow the traffic while maintaining the engagement metrices from relevant audiences. Also, the budgets did not permit to go over a particular CPV Pate. 


Display Banners - Zone Media Programmatic Solution  "Selective audience overlap" strategy was used to achieve the overall objective. Multiple ads with a minimum of two target audience bases vis-a-vis optimization across the premium publisher zones ensured realtime optimization for better results. 
A unique "behavioural & contexual" algorithm ensured a controlled spends environment which reached out to an highly engaged audiences only. 
Creative A/B Testing further optimized our CPUC costs. 


Delivered over 150K+ Visits in a span of 30 days with an average time spent of 4 Mins+ &a bounce rate of less than 3 93/o displaying the quality of visits and the success of thecampaign. 
We were able to deliver the solution at highly optimized costs which ensured that we were not going over the allocated CPUV budget. 

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