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Flipbook is an outstream video format for mobile web. Use your existing video assets in a novel, playful way. When someone scrolls down the page, a short video clip plays at the same pace as their scrolling. When they stop scrolling, the video stops. If they scroll up, the video plays in reverse. The video clip that plays on scroll is a short, visually dynamic 1–5 second clip you choose from your longer video. People can click the video clip to play the full video with sound and video controls.

Our research shows that people prefer interacting with Flipbook versus a plain outstream video. Reports include scroll engagement to measure user interest (even users who didn't click).

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160x600, 300x600, 320x600,
Automative, Cosmetics, Education, Entertainment, Insurance, Pharma, Retail, Technology, Retail, Brand Awareness, Hotels & Rentals, Local Deals, Flights,
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